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Subgrantee Guidance

An In-Depth Guide for BEAD Subgrantees

At Rural Broadband Partners (RBP), our commitment extends beyond our own growth to empowering service providers seeking NTIA BEAD funding. We understand the significance of successful proposals in advancing broadband initiatives. RBP is dedicated to supporting service providers as subgrantees by offering strategic guidance, valuable insights, and collaborative resources. We aim to share our expertise to enhance the quality and competitiveness of proposals, aligning with the goals of NTIA BEAD funding. Together, we work towards fostering connectivity and driving impactful broadband projects that benefit communities across the nation.

This Subgrantees document serves as a comprehensive guide to service providers under the program. This document outlines key information pertinent to the successful implementation of broadband projects, fostering digital inclusion and equitable access within communities. Get your copy below.

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